How Arapahoe Basin Used Aspenware Commerce’s Retail Module to Boost Online Retail Sales
Feb 15th, 2022

Located in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, Arapahoe Basin is a favorite destination for many skiers and snowboarders. They offer spectacular views and boast the longest winter season (October – June)! Their resort is also host to many summer guests who take advantage of the resort’s ample mountain biking and hiking terrain. Because so many visitors have exceptional experiences at Arapahoe Basin, they long to take a little piece of the mountain home. Enter online retail sales.

From t-shirts to hats to stickers and even branded tumblers, there is a souvenir for everyone who visits. As online retail sales increased, Arapahoe Basin needed a streamlined retail sales process with an attractive and easy-to-navigate online store that also offered efficient inventory management that seamlessly integrates with the point-of-sale system. Aspenware Commerce was just the solution to fit their needs.

Product Display and Setup

The Retail Module offers the ability to quickly categorize and load merchandise and organizes the options in an easy-to-navigate menu at the top of the store.


Each product card offers the opportunity to showcase product images, offer product descriptions, and display the range of size and color choices. This makes it easy for online guests to make their souvenir selections.


Seamless, Integrated Inventory Management

Aspenware Commerce’s Retail Module offers seamless integration with the resort’s point-of-sale system, enabling the update of retail inventory quantities, the creation of unique codes for each size/color combination, and ability to customize tax or include shipping fees as needed. It’s a complete online retail store solution.

“We chose Aspenware Commerce’s Retail Module because it has the best integration with RTP and enabled us to manage inventory in the most efficient manner possible. The online store is easy to set up and maintain and gives us the flexibility to change our retail item offerings regularly. The result has been very positive for our online retail sales.” – Katherine Fuller, Communications Director, Arapahoe Basin Ski Area

The Retail Module within Aspenware Commerce makes it easy for resorts to offer guests a beautiful, robust, online retail shopping experience. Resorts can easily organize a large variety of retail products with various size/color combinations and inventory management is a breeze. To learn more about Aspenware Commerce’s unique Retail Module and how it might boost your online sales, contact us at

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