“When I visit a ski resort, I am always thinking about ways to improve the experience through technology and am eager to bring some of those features to life at Aspenware. I am passionate about building great products that provide value and bring joy to users.”

Erin joined Aspenware in 2022. She brings over 14 years of experience in product management, including roles focused on e-commerce, SaaS B2B/B2C, Point of Sale, iOS applications, CRM integrations, international/localization, and analytics. Through her data-driven approach, she has successfully managed large-scale products from concept to launch.

At ACME Technologies, Erin had the opportunity to work closely with clients that were some of the top museums, zoos, and aquariums in North America.  She brought to market features such as an omnichannel membership sales and management vertical, an access control application redesign and a new business line for a Payfac as a Service.  At Ticketmaster, Erin led a team focused on the ecommerce experience in the US and 6 international sites, and launched features such as personalized event recommendations, fan reviews, event search redesign, and implemented the first multi-variate testing practice which improved site conversions and other key metrics. 

Erin and her family live in Boulder, Colorado. With active twin boys who keep her on her toes, Erin and her family enjoy all of the outdoor activities Colorado has to offer including skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and camping.