“I love working at Aspenware because my passion is creating beautiful, human-centered products and amazing customer experiences that connect people to activities they love. I often describe Aspenware as a workshop that creates amazing guest experiences.”

Based in Denver, CO Dan originally started working at Aspenware as the User Experience Director in 2010. He left Aspenware for a time to start another software consulting company before getting the opportunity to design the ecommerce platform for the Pittsburgh Steelers. While working for the Steelers, he had the opportunity to design innovative customer experiences and develop new ways for fans to make authentic connections to the team and their products. He wanted to bring the same innovation to ski and returned to Aspenware in 2017 to design and build the Aspenware Commerce platform.

Dan is an avid skier in the winter, hitting the slopes with his family. He also loves city life, great coffee, craft cocktails, and riding his bike around town. You’ll also find him in the skies above Colorado as a pilot, taking his family and friends on flying adventures around the west.