July 8, 2024

Boost Your Resort's Success with Aspenware's Redesigned Product Detail Page

Through extensive usability and A/B testing, we’ve crafted a seamless booking experience that’s already proving to increase conversion rates by up to 6.15%. Here’s a closer look at what makes our new PDP a game-changer for resorts.

100+ Refreshed UI Elements

We’ve updated many UI elements to create a more modern and intuitive interface. These changes are designed to reduce friction and make the booking process as smooth as possible.

Optimized Control Types

The control types have been optimized for better usability, ensuring that guests can navigate through the booking process seamlessly.

Simplified Button Groups

We’ve introduced brand new button groups designed to enable quicker decision-making and selection to minimize decision fatigue, making it easier for guests to evaluate their options and proceed with their bookings. This includes both horizontal and stacked button groups, optimized for various device types.

Improved Calendar

Our enhanced calendar feature simplifies date selection, helping guests find available dates quickly and easily, which is crucial for planning trips.

Enhanced Savings Display

We’ve made it easier for guests to see their savings, highlighting discounts across more product configurations. This visibility helps drive purchase decisions.

Effortless Purchase Journey

From start to finish, the purchase journey is now more intuitive and less cumbersome, leading to higher satisfaction and fewer abandoned carts.

Revitalized Cart Notice

The shopping cart notification screen has been revamped to better inform guests and encourage them to discover more products with enhanced cross-sell options.

Intuitive Quantity Selector

The new quantity selector is designed for ease of use, especially on mobile devices, making it simple for guests to adjust their selections.

Simpler Voucher Redemption

Redeeming vouchers is now easier than ever, encouraging guests to take advantage of promotional offers and discounts.