Redeem vouchers online with Aspenware Commerce
Dec 9th, 2020

Eliminating the number of reasons guests need to stand in a ticket line has always been a focus for ski areas.

Even before COVID-19, the ski industry needed more creative options to engage guests online, eliminating the need to directly interact with guests unnecessarily.  With speed and convenience being paramount in today’s guest experience, many of the solutions to the challenges we face during COVID-19 will only continue to benefit the way guests experience resorts in today’s high paced world. These solutions have helped streamline the guest experience from online transactions to loading the lift, all with little or no guest and employee engagement.

One of these particular challenges to keep guests out of lines and distanced from one another is addressing how voucher redemption is handled. Aspenware is proud to announce our online product voucher redemption module which will improve the guest experience while also taking some of the burdens away from ticket lines and resort employees.

Voucher redemption can now be removed as a reason to stand in a line.

Aspenware Commerce already supports using payment value vouchers during the checkout flow as an additional payment type. Our Enhanced Voucher Redemption feature is now going to allow product vouchers to be redeemed online using an installed banner widget that can be accessed from anywhere on a resort’s Commerce store.

This functionality is perfect for the redemption of Friends & Family tickets or Employee Coupons. Thredbo is currently using Enhanced Voucher Redemption to allow guests to redeem summer “bring a friend” vouchers on their store.

A voucher number is entered into the voucher banner

The banner acts as a “fence” to validate whether the voucher number entered matches specific vouchers from RTP that have been configured to sell a hidden product in Aspenware Commerce. Once the voucher number has been validated through the banner, the guest will be rerouted to the otherwise fenced voucher product to complete checkout.

Once validated the eligible product page is displayed & attributes can be selected.

On check out, the voucher is inactivated.

Once the guest completes checkout the voucher will be inactivated as used or decremented (depending on how many uses the voucher has) in RTP. This ensures that multiple guests cannot redeem the same voucher on Commerce or at the window.

Guests can view, redeem, print or email their vouchers to a friend from their account.

Along with the voucher banner, Enhanced Voucher Redemption will also include a new look and enable functionality within the My Account voucher section. Guests will now be able to View/Print, Email or Redeem eligible vouchers from this page. These voucher CTAs can be displayed or hidden based on how the voucher product is configured in Admin.

The new Voucher Redemption Module is designed to eliminate the need for guests to visit a window to redeem an RTP Voucher. Payment and product vouchers are supported now and discount vouchers will be supported in January 2021.

To learn more about Enhanced Voucher Redemption and how it may benefit your resort, please contact us today at

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