Aspenware welcomes Michael Kaufman to the team!
Feb 10th, 2022

Aspenware is pleased to announce the addition of veteran UX/UI expert, Michael Kaufman, as a Senior Front-End Engineer. Michael has a deep understanding of ecommerce and has helped build some of the fastest shopping experiences on the web by using the most advanced technologies available for organizations such as The Walt Disney Company, Fox Entertainment,, Clickbank, and Oracle. Michael began his career as a Macromedia/Adobe Flash expert, was an Adobe User Group Manager, an Adobe Creative Suite beta tester, and more recently, a contributor to the open-source Vue Storefront project.


“I’m excited to leverage my strength in building the best user experiences possible and truly embracing the kinds of technological design patterns that are win-wins for both Aspenware and our customers. In ecommerce milliseconds matter and I’m keenly aware of them and great at shaving as many of those off of the transaction as possible.

Michael is a longtime advocate of MACH engineering and separating the front–end from the back-end. It’s something that allured him to Aspenware and he looks forward to helping make the best resort/destination ecommerce software even better.

💖 Favorite mountain or outdoor activities:

Michael enjoys skiing, boarding, mountain biking, body surfing, hiking, and riding his new scooter.

⛷️ First foray in ski:

Michael began skiing in Big Bear, California at six years old, and still loves it more than ever. Michael says there’s nothing more exhilarating than barreling down a mountain at high speed because ‘if you think too much, you get hurt; it’s a fantastic exercise in meditation’ he says.

🏠 Home base:

Michael says Los Angeles will always be his true home. He was born in Hollywood and is a 4th generation Californian, but says he was happy to leave 10 years ago and now ecstatic to call Broomfield, CO home.

😊Fun Fact:

At Disney, Michael wrote most of the copy on the back of The Lion King DVD, one of the most successful selling consumer products in human history that has made over 12 billion dollars so far. He also once spilled an entire Venti coffee on Rob Lowe’s shoes!


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