Aspenware welcomes Jake Swihart to the team!
Jul 5th, 2021

Aspenware is excited to announce the addition of Jake Swihart to our Service Team as an Implementation Project Specialist. In this role, Jake will be working closely with Aspenware clients to implement software products and customize them to meet their specific resort needs. Having completed a two-year internship with Aspenware, Jake brings a wealth of product knowledge and customer support experience to the team.


Jake Swihart joins Aspenware

The team is without a doubt what excites me most about joining Aspenware. I have had the privilege of working alongside the team through the two years of my internship and have been able to see firsthand the level of care and dedication Aspenware routinely provides. Not only is this true of Aspenware’s products and services, but evident in the way they treat their peers. It truly feels like a family – one that I am very excited to be a part of.”

It has always been important to Jake that his work is polished and interesting to look at. He believes it is far easier for customers to interact with content that is both visually and mindfully engaging – which is what he is excited to be able to provide for this team.

Being able to improve himself is what motivates Jake. He loves being able to interact with industry professionals, finding out what their values are, and how he can incorporate those practices in his own life and work. He likes to learn from those around him, and Aspenware has been a fantastic avenue for personal growth and a great introduction to the professional space.

⛷️ First foray in ski:

Jake has been skiing so long that he can hardly remember his first time. His earliest memory though is the time his dad concussed himself on a tree while snowboarding! After that, he was terrified of snowboarding.

🏠 Home base:

Jake currently resides in Boulder, CO, but will be relocating to Denver later this summer.

😊Fun Fact:

Jake lived in India for a while when he was in kindergarten. While he was there, he was “kidnapped” by the Indian Mafia – and experience he tells us is not nearly as exciting as it sounds!


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