Aspenware Partners with 1RISK for Waiver Capture
Sep 22nd, 2020

Aspenware is proud to announce that we have partnered with 1RISK to expand our waiver capabilities in both Aspenware Commerce and Aspenware Arrival.  Commerce will offer the option to integrate 1RISK waivers into the checkout flow. Arrival will support 1RISK waivers during online check-in and at onsite kiosks.

Aspenware Commerce has always included the ability for guests to complete waivers or releases of liability as part of a product purchase and in My Account. We support different waiver and authorization types for different products to ensure that guests purchasing online have completed the required form prior to arriving in the resort. Waiver or authorization requirements are configured in Aspenware, presented to the guest, and then recorded in the POS customer record.


1RISK 1Waivers provides a full suite of tools for managing electronic waivers and Groups and Events. Resorts use 1RISK to eliminate paper, store all completed waivers in 1 location and allow resorts to easily search for waivers using multiple search criteria.  1RISK can now become the system of record for Digital Waiver Management with this new integration to Aspenware. Authorizations can still be recorded in the POS as well.


In Aspenware Commerce and Arrival, administrators will be able to choose by the waiver whether to enable 1RISK or to use traditional waiver capture techniques.

The guest will complete the 1RISK waiver that the resort has configured for the product purchased. The waiver is stored in 1RISK and marked as completed in both Aspenware Commerce and the RTP Authorization profile of the guest. These waivers can be searched for in 1RISK and the RTP|ONE Authorization profile is updated to reflect that the waiver was completed in 1RISK.

Aspenware will be supporting 1RISK waivers in our new ARRIVAL application in the late fall and expanding the 1RISK waiver functionality to Siriusware Resorts soon.


For more information on 1RISK waivers in Aspenware Commerce please contact us at or

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