Aspenware Commerce Now Supports Passholder Reservations
Oct 1st, 2020


To enforce limited capacity restrictions many ski areas are implementing a system where passholders will be required to make a reservation to ski or ride.

Aspenware Commerce supports inventoried passholder reservations that can

  • Validate passholder eligibility
  • Allow guest to go direct to lift without having to check in or activate their pass
  • Limit the number of reservation’s that can be made
  • Allow passholders to view and cancel reserved days
  • Support separate reservation rules for different pass types
  • Be managed by employees in the Point of Sale


How it Works

Resorts can set up a passholder reservation category or product and direct passholders to make reservations at a special webpage.  These products can be fenced so only eligible passholders can see them.


A calendar is displayed as part of the reservations process that displays the number of reservations available for each day. This is linked to an Inventory set up in the point of sale.


Aspenware Commerce knows which family members are eligible to make a reservation (based on products purchased in the point of sale and only allows eligible passholders to make a reservation.


On the product display page, eligible passholders can see already reserved day and how many more days they can reserve. This is based on the resort’s reservation rules.


On this same page, passholders can remove the reservation in the cart and cancel days already booked.


All reservations are updated in the POS and the POS inventory is updated immediately.

Resort employees can manage reservations in the POS and Aspenware Commerce is updated immediately to reflect updates in the POS.

Since everything is synched to the POS passholders can go direct to the lift.

No need to check in anywhere to get validated.  If they don’t have a reservation, they will not scan positive at the lift.



Aspenware Commerce provides a superior passholder reservation system for your guests.

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