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Single sign-on for the ski industry.

Aspenware Identity adheres to widely accepted industry standards, providing a single login for your guests across all your applications.

Aspenware Identity is a web application that integrates with your resort point of sale and all your guest engagement points to provide single sign-on and secure access to data. Aspenware Identity also maintains user accounts across various applications to ensure that the “Mikaela S.” in your POS is the same person as the “Mikaela S.” in your mobile app

OpenID Connect Industry Standard.

Built using the OpenID Connect industry standard, the same Identity standard used by organizations such as Google, Amazon, IBM, and Paypal.

Single sign-on.

Our single sign-on solution supports Aspenware-hosted login screens that can be easily embedded into any website, mobile app or kiosk that requires guest authentication. Login with username/password, via pass number, RFID and more.

Comprehensive resort POS integration.

Your current resort POS can remain as your operational “customer master” and system of record for guest accounts.

Enhance the entire guest experience

Not only is Aspenware Identity easy-to-use for guests, it’s also easy-to-implement into your current resort POS system and engagement applications —creating efficiencies for your resort and your visitors.

  • A single login across all applications, allowing guests to use the same trusted login for any application on the mountain. Easy, convenient and no more forgotten passwords.
  • Thanks to a single username and password, guests won’t have to create duplicate accounts and you won’t have to search for them
  • With 3rd party login capabilities built-in, guests can login with their Facebook account for one-click convenience.
  • Aspenware Identity is mobile friendly with support by solutions including Skilynx and Spotlio.

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