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Online check-in for the Ski Industry

Airline passengers have been programmed to check-in 24-hours prior to their flights for years now. This captures information on the guest, saves time at the airport, and gives travelers peace of mind that their experience at the airport should be smooth. Now you can provide this experience for guests coming to ski and ride at your resort.

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Guests provide fulfillment info prior to arrival.

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Arrival knows the products a guest has booked, and the information a guest must provide for each product.

Decrease or eliminate onsite fulfillment lines

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By providing a platform for guests to complete this information before they arrive in the resort, you can reduce the need for guests to visit a ticket window or lesson check- in desk at your resort.

Create a safer, contactless check-in for your guests

Arrival provides resorts with a platform that enables guests to complete their required information on their personal device and avoid contact points and line ups.

Get your guests on the mountain quickly

You can determine what information is required based on the location of the kiosk.

A superior guest experience before the guest arrives in your resort.

  • The first morning of skiing or riding can be stressful and time consuming. Guests often need to stand in multiple lines to complete information or pick up tickets, lesson vouchers and rentals.
  • Aspenware Arrival is designed to decrease or eliminate fulfillment lines.
    Resorts can email guests who will be arriving in the next few days with a message that it is time to Check-in.
  • Guest can click on a link from the email and if required, guests will be led through an easy step-by-step flow to upload photos, sign waivers, update child registration profiles, and complete rental profiles.

A mobile-optimized platform integrated with RTP|ONE.

  • Regardless of the channel booked though, Arrival knows the products a guest has booked, and the information a guest must provide for each product.
  • Information completed in Arrival is all stored in your guests RTP profile, once completed guest will not need to complete this information again once they arrive in resort.
  • Guest can avoid additional line ups and resorts can provide a direct to activity experience.

Aspenware Arrival – Onsite

Arrival can be used on a personal device for easy guest check-in anywhere and can be set up at your resort on a tablet or terminal to capture information onsite.

  • Arrival Self-reg Kiosk can be set up in the pass office, ski school and rental shop. Allowing walk-up guests to self-manage their family profiles including child registration and rental details, “wet-ink” waiver signatures, and optional rental form and other printing capabilities.
  • Guest Check-In makes release signing speedy – Designed specifically for iPad, Gust Check-In integrates directly within the RTP|ONE Point of Sale system. Anytime a cashier rings up a product requiring a release, the guest-facing iPad displays the waiver text and allows them to sign on screen in just seconds. All signatures are securely stored in the RTP system. The Arrival Guest Check-In iPad app is integrated with the RTP|ONE POS for waiver, photo, and email/communication preferences capture.

Integrated with Axess Pickup Box and Skidata Skiosk

For ski areas with Axess Pickup Box, or Skidata Skiosk, Arrival will display the QR codes that can be scanned at these Kiosks so guest can collect tickets in a safer contactless experience for guests.

QR Codes can be added to Apple or Google Wallet for easy recall.

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