Will my pass work at the lift?
Nov 16th, 2021

It’s the opening of the ski season. After months of waiting, you head to the hill early so you can be one of the first up the lift.

You go through the mental check list. Boots? Check. Gloves? Check. Goggles and helmet? Yep. Pass? Got it.   

Hang on, is it the right pass? Did I grab the most recent one? Did I sign my waiver?  

You suddenly remember the time when you got to the front of the line only to find out your pass was inactive and you had to go all the way back to the ticket office to sort it out. You definitely don’t want to repeat that embarrassing scenario. If only there was a way to check your pass before you get to the hill…

Aspenware Pass Checker provides guests with the peace of mind that their day will start without delay. 

At most ski areas, a season pass requires that guests have a valid photo and a signed waiver before they can access a lift, but with the complexities and legalities associated with skiing and riding, there are several reasons why a guest’s pass may not work when they get to the lift:

  • They have an old, inactive media card;
  • They are hotlisted, likely because they have not signed their waiver; or
  • The media they have in their hand is not associated with the profile used to purchase their season pass.

Regardless of the reason, when a guest thinks they are ready to hit the slopes and their pass does not work, it’s going to negatively impact the guest experience.

At Aspenware, we have been there. We understand the embarrassment and frustration of getting out of line and heading all the way back to the ticket office.

So we created Pass Checker.  

Pass Checker is a webpage where guests can enter their pass number and check that it’s ready to go at the lift.

Guests enter the number on their pass and the date they wish to ski. If your resort has multiple locations with different access restrictions, the guest may also enter the location they plan to visit that day. Then, they can “Check Pass Status.”

If the pass will work at the lift, then the guest will be presented with customizable messaging that lets them know that they are good to go. 

If not, they’ll be alerted.  


Resorts can customize the messaging on this display to appropriately alert the guest that there is a problem and offer help to solve it so they can go straight to the lift without worry upon arrival at the hill.

Pass Checker is part of Aspenware Arrival.  If a guest needs to sign a waiver or upload a photo to resolve the problem, the solution can include a link to “Check-In Online” so the problem can be resolved without having to visit a ticket window or call guest services.

Pass checker not only works for passes but also for checking single-day and multi-day tickets.

Ideas For Using Pass Checker at Your Resort

Here are a few ways Pass Checker can improve your guests’ experience:

  1. Send a Pass Checker link to season pass holders in a preseason or opening day email campaign.
    We are opening on Friday! Make sure you are ready for the season by clicking here to check that your pass is active and ready to go!”
  2. Set up a Pass Checker station at the entrance to your pass office with a sign that says “Don’t wait in line! Check your pass now to make sure you’re ready to go!Guest can then scan their barcode or tap it on an RFID reader to check their pass.
  3. Add a Pass Checker CTA to your webpage before opening day that says, Don’t hold up the line, Make sure your pass is good to go before you get to the resort.

Contact Aspenware today at info@aspenware.com to find out how you can use Pass Checker at your resort this season.

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