What Our Resort Customers Say About Implementing Aspenware Commerce
Jun 21st, 2022

At Aspenware, we know that choosing an ecommerce solution for your resort is a big decision. Making a large investment in technology is innately wrought with some challenges and skepticism. Will this system deliver the incredible guest experience we’re seeking? Will the new storefront be easy for my staff to manage? Will it sync with my POS so that I’m not managing customers, inventory, and bookings in multiple places? Can I customize the platform to meet our very specific needs and maintain our brand integrity?  Can this implementation be performed in a timely manner?

With Aspenware Commerce, our customers tell us that the answer to all those questions is a resounding “Yes!”

Integration with POS

Aspenware offers deep integration with your POS, so your inventory, order, and fulfillment processes are seamless. If you are already using RTP|One or many other popular ski POS systems, we can have you up and running in as little as 8 weeks.

“Over the past few years we’ve shifted much of our purchasing online, and Aspenware is a modern and flexible solution that can deliver on the variety of products and experiences that our resorts offer. Aspenware has the experience, vision and roadmap to keep pace with evolving guest expectations and a rapidly changing market.” – Nick Schlegel, POWDR, Director of eComm Product Management

Maintain Brand Identity and Custom Store

Your brand can be fully integrated into the store so that your guests have a seamless online experience. Many features of the user interface are customizable, from the images you integrate to the theming and copy presented to guests on your site. The use of images, icons, attributes, and descriptions makes the online experience easy to navigate and results in well-above-average conversion rates. This also means fewer calls to the resorts with guests asking questions about products. All the information is part of the booking experience

Aspenware’s flexible product and product attribute features allow you to create a store to meet your exact specifications, regardless of how you organize your products.

“Aspenware helped to create a seamless guest experience between our brand site and ecommerce site (and all the way through to the confirmation emails)! The ability to easily edit photos allows us to give our site a fresh look and feel each season, with minimal effort. The flexibility in the long description allows us to clearly outline product requirements while attributes and icons help guide the guest through each step of the purchasing process on the PDP.” – Beckey King, Senior Manager, ECOMM & Product Marketing, Global Marketing and Sales, Aspen Skiing Company

Provide Exceptional Guest Experience

Guests to your Aspenware Commerce store will experience a smooth, easy-to-use online shopping experience that enables them to plan their upcoming ski season or the ski vacation of their dreams in a matter of minutes. Guests are no longer required to make phone calls during business hours or, in many cases, even visit the ticket window upon arrival. Aspenware makes it easy to plan a trip and even easier to get on the mountain once they arrive. And your staff? They’ve now got extra time to cater to the guests on the mountain because they aren’t answering phone calls.

“Marty, Jake, and the entire Aspenware team were fantastic to work with, from our initial RFP to install and training! Our guests have expressed their appreciation for an improved eStore, from ease of use to simplicity of their online shopping experience. Alyeska is looking forward to continuing to build on improvements with Aspenware to further deliver a modern experience for our guests.” Ben Napolitano, Mountain Marketing Manager – Alyeska Resort

Receive Support Throughout the Journey

When you choose Aspenware Commerce, you are not only choosing a robust, customizable, full-featured solution; you’re also choosing a first-rate team with which to partner. Our staff brings their 3rd party vendor and ski resort experience to the Aspenware team. They understand ski tech and deeply understand the ski business. They’ve been in your shoes.

“Our experience working with Aspenware to implement our new online store has been nothing short of exceptional. The team is engaged, highly responsive and is clearly motivated to work with us to achieve our goal of providing the best online experience for our customers.” – Brian Rode, Marmot Basin Vice President
“Early on, we had discussed that we were not just looking to purchase a software, but looking to start a vendor partnership.  Software is only half of it, it is the service that comes with it and the knowledge of that team that really brings it to life.  The entire team including Yolanda, Marty, Kevin, and others were very responsive and able to find solutions along the way and really made this successful for Sun Valley and Snowbasin.” –Brian Barth | Executive Director – Finance & Accounting | Sun Valley Resort

At Aspenware, we know that investing in technology for your resort is a big decision. That is why we do everything we can to ensure that you end up with an ecommerce platform that leverages all of your assets, from your point-of-sale system, to your branding, and, ultimately, to the high standards your guests have come to expect from you. Our partner resorts have come to see the value and return on investment from Aspenware. We are your partners on the ecommerce journey and we can’t wait to help you create an incredible ecommerce experience for your guests.

To learn more about Aspenware, contact us today at info@aspenware.com

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