Streamline Seasonal Staff Onboarding with Aspenware
Sep 8th, 2022

Every new season, resorts are inundated with pre-season preparation tasks. From getting the lifts ready to hiring staff to worry about snow falling, the list is long. Though Aspenware can’t complete your lift maintenance by the first snowfall, we can help with some of your preseason chores.

One of the items that no doubt falls on your pre-season task list is onboarding seasonal employees. The tasks required to get staff on the mountain and ready to host resort guests can be tedious and daunting. Aspenware Commerce and Arrival can help with many of these onboarding tasks including the creation of employee profiles in the point-of-sale system, distribution and redemption of employee discounts and friends and family benefits, and registration for employee events.

Create Employee Profiles in Point-of-Sale System

Each staff member needs a pass to get up the mountain and hence a profile in RTP|One. Whether your resort uses an automated process to create these profiles or the Human Resources team completes the data entry, these profiles must be created. With Aspenware Commerce or Aspenware Arrival, you can reduce this burden on your HR staff and send a URL directly to the employee to create their own profile. Then, you can notify staff members to capture and upload a photo, sign any required waivers, and activate their pass all at once.

View and Share Employee Benefit Entitlements

Distribution and redemption of benefits for resort staff can be cumbersome. Whether they receive coupons to share with friends and family or discounts for on-mountain products or experiences, Aspenware can help. Streamline the process with RTP|One’s Voucher Module and Aspenware Commerce’s Voucher Redemption Module. With these features, employees can log into their resort accounts and email vouchers to family and friends for online redemption.

If you offer your staff discounts on lessons, rentals, or activities, Aspenware has several options for online redemption of those items as well.

Manage Registration for Employee Events

Hosting special events for your employees such as parties, trips to hockey games, trivia night, or bus trips?  Utilize Aspenware Customer Roles to set up fenced products for these events so that only employees can view and sign up. You are able to publicize these special events, limit capacity as needed, and manage registration all in one place.

Eliminate the headache of pre-season employee onboarding with Aspenware. Quickly complete onboarding chores through a streamlined and simplified process and go paperless with our online capabilities.

Contact Aspenware today ( to find out how our products can help streamline your resort business.

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