Selling family passes with Aspenware Commerce
Nov 4th, 2020

Skiing is not a cheap sport so offering special products and pricing for families is one way to encourage young families to start, or keep skiing and riding. Family products are also popular for summer business. Many resorts are offering family sightsee packages.

Family packages can get complicated and are often not something that can be sold online because of the different age combinations and options.

Aspenware Commerce supports many different options for selling family packages online.

Family in the Snow

Option 1 – Family Pass product

In this example, guests are asked for information about their family members. As information is entered the pricing is updated to create a total family pass price. The system can accommodate different numbers of family members and their different ages.

Family in the Snow

In the above example, the guest would select the family pass product, define how many kids they want to add, and specify their ages. In the POS system, a product would be sold to each of the 4 family members.  Resorts can choose if the family pass is 1 price or the price can vary based on the combination of family members and ages.

Option 2 – Family Discounts

Not all families are 2 adults and 2 children. In the example below, a family discount is offered instead of a family pass.  When your family is more than 5 people, additional family members can get a pass for only $100.

Sun Peaks Family Pass

When  I change the number of Adults to 2 and update the child ages, you can see below that the total price increases to reflects these changes.

Sunpeaks Family Pass Photo

Once the product is added to the cart and checkout, guests are led through assigning a family member to each pass and can complete online waivers for each person.

Assigning Products

When the transaction is complete, each family member will have a season pass product associated with them in the POS and is all set to go skiing or snowboarding.

Option 3- Kids Ski Free

Below is an example of a kids ski free promotion that is applied to a regular season pass product. When you select an adult product there is an option to add a child pass for no extra cost.

This type of promotion can be added to any product. You can do kids rent-free, kids bike free, or add a kids free lesson. Once again, when the kids free option is selected 2 products will be sold in the POS, one for the adult and one for the child.

Aspenware Commerce offers many other configurations that can work for your ski area’s family product offerings.

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