Sell retail products online with Aspenware Commerce
Jun 30th, 2020

In response to current global conditions surrounding COVID-19 and its effect on the ski industry, resorts are looking to generate revenue while they are closed.   

One way to do this is to sell your retail products online. With the ski season being cut short, many resorts will have an excess of souvenirs and logoware in stock.  

You can now sell RTP|ONE Retail product in the Aspenware Commerce platform.  

Aspenware Commerce offers these key features for retail: 

  • Daily stock levels in Aspenware Commerce can be synched from on-hand inventory in RTP|ONE 
  • Retail specific product detail page template – focused on showing product photos, color, and size options 
  • Shipping fees at the order level, rather than charging a separate shipping fee for each product in the order 
  • Tax calculations based on the shipping address

Arapahoe Basin is our first customer to get their online retail store live. They are offering a great selection of souvenirs, clothing and hats. 


Retail products can be displayed in the same online store as your mountain products and added to the same cart. You can easily cross-sell to your guests as you can see below.  


On the retail-specific product detail page, you can select different colorssizes and quantities.  

There is also room to add a description of the items such as the fabric or who the item was designed by 

When products are added to the cart, for resorts using Aspenware Unity,  the taxes are calculated based on the shipping location so you can ensure the correct taxes are charged.  

Different shipping fees can be charged on different retail products, but if multiple retail products are added to the cart, only the highest of these shipping fees will be charged. 

You could even offer guests purchasing season passes discounts on retail items when they purchase with cross-selling messages on the season pass product detail page 

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