Protect Your Resort with Aspenware’s Kount Integration
Mar 14th, 2023

Ski areas are facing a rising tide of fraudulent transactions involving online lift ticket purchases, with many instances occurring through online marketplaces such as Kijiji, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. In these scams, discounted lift tickets are advertised on social media platforms and purchased online with a stolen credit card. An unsuspecting guest purchases the discounted ticket on the social site, picks it up and heads to the resort to ski. Meanwhile, the stolen credit card is reported and the charges are reversed, resulting in a loss for the resort. Consequently, resorts can face large financial losses and uncomfortable interactions with guests.

The Kount Solution

As ecommerce continues to grow, so do opportunities for fraudsters to exploit online stores. This increase in fraud negatively impacts the bottom line. With this, having a fraud solution in place is crucial to staying ahead of fraudsters and limiting losses. To support resorts in finding a solution, we’ve partnered with Kount, an all in one solution that is able to detect fraudulent activity upfront to protect your customers and create a seamlessly protected purchasing experience.

With Kount protecting your data, resorts can analyze each transaction in real-time while also using predictive analytics to detect potential fraud. Kount’s system uses advanced data science techniques, including over 250 machine learning and natural language processing to reduce the need for the resort to manually look into each flagged transaction. With this upfront protection, resorts can expect to see increased acceptance rates and a lower chargeback rate while simultaneously enhancing the customer experience and protection of their information.

Aspenware’s Integration with Kount

To make it easy for Aspenware resort customers to leverage Kount services, we offer the Aspenware Kount Plugin, an effective integration solution to protect customers and your resort alike. With this seamless plugin, the need for developer resources to implement Kount is eliminated and resorts will be up and running with just 2 training sessions and a simple configuration.

Kount is designed specifically for merchants who face a high risk of credit card fraud, which makes the Aspenware and Kount integration a fantastic solution for mountain resorts. In fact, our resort customers are already seeing the benefit. One Aspenware customer that implemented the Kount integration reported that over $50,000 in fraudulent transactions were stopped by Kount within the first 3 months of using the plugin, dropping fraud by 44%.

With Kount’s integrated tools and the protection of Aspenware, ski areas can rest easy knowing their customers have been safeguarded from risky transactions.

Contact us today at for a demo of Aspenware and the Aspenware Kount plugin.

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