Optimize Group Sales with Aspenware Arrival 
Aug 3rd, 2021

Aspenware arrival takes the headache out of arrival for group activities.

As travel and schools reopen this fall, your group and school business are expected to dramatically bounce back.  Groups are a proven way to expose newbies to the joys of mountain activities and one great experience can get them hooked! Often a school group ski trip leads to a life-long relationship between your resort and a new skier or rider. Most avid skiers and riders fondly remember their first experience at their home mountain.  

How many skiers and riders had their first-ever day on skis or a board at your mountain? Aspenware Arrival will ensure that those first experiences will not be their last with a direct-to-activity, mobile-friendly process that takes the headache out of arrival and places the focus on the guest experience.  

Managing group arrivals can be a challenge.

For many ski areas, groups mean big business, and hundreds of skiers and riders show up daily at a ski area as part of a group. Managing the arrival of a large volume of guests who need rentals, lessons, and tickets is often challenging, which often results in frantic staff and frustrated guests while required information is captured. And the paper! There can be so much paper involved with forms, waivers, and spreadsheets – most of which end up crumpled in a backpack!

Aspenware Arrival to the Rescue!

Aspenware Arrival is the perfect and proven platform to help your resort manage your group business. Guests complete tasks such as signing waivers, completing rental and child registration profiles, or uploading season pass photos from their smartphones BEFORE they arrive at your resort. 

This means you are prepared before the group arrives: 

  • Rental equipment for the group is ready to go because height, weight, and shoe size were captured ahead of time; 
  • Emergency contact information is already on file for children visiting as part of a school or social group;  
  • Medical and food allergy information has already been considered in preparing meals that are part of a group activity; 
  • All Release of Liability waivers have been signed; and 
  • No more spreadsheets, forms, and crumpled paperwork! Aspenware Arrival allows guests to check into their mountain activities just as they check into a flight before they arrive at the airport. 


Arrival streamlines the group fulfillment process. 

Consider a school group looking to bring a group of students for a day on the mountain.    

The teacher or group organizer works with your group sales team on their package of lift tickets, lessons, and rentals. Information is required for each student including rental profile, child registration information in case of an emergency, and parental signatures on a liability waiver. This process is often a hassle for the group leader and the sales and fulfillment teams to manage all of the paperwork.  

With Arrival, the process is easy as 1-2-3!

  1. The group leader emails participant parents a link to complete all required information prior to arrival at the resort.  
  2. Parents log in or create a new account through Arrival from their desktop or mobile device, complete the necessary information, and sign waivers. This customer data syncs seamlessly with your POS and a completion report can be run to quickly notify the group leader about who has completed their required information and who might need a reminder.  
  3. The group arrives and quickly begins their incredible, memorable experience on your mountain!  

No hassles. No headaches. More life-long Guests.  

Learn more about how Aspenware Arrival can make your group arrival process painless and worry-free. Contact Yolanda Foose at y.foose@aspenware.com to learn more by scheduling a demo today. 

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