Locking in Winter Business Through Pre-Commitment by Guests
Sep 30th, 2021

As the leaves start falling, skiers and riders begin planning their winter trips. The next 4-6 weeks is a key booking period for many resorts and it’s the time that many North American skiers and riders will commit to their winter vacation destinations.

Get your guests to pre-commit before lifts even start turning.

The planning-a-commitment stage of the customer journey can be as exciting and important as the actual experience. The dream of blue-sky powder days, exploring après ski activities, and staying in a preferred hotel can bring joy on a rainy, fall day.  Make it easy for guests to learn about resort offerings, give them a reason to book early, and ensure that they feel confident that they are getting the best deal available.

When successful at securing bookings before opening for the season, resorts weatherproof their business. A guest who has already booked and paid for their trip is far less likely to cancel if the snow is not ideal. When resorts encourage guests to book in advance, they can forecast guest volume and plan staffing and other resources accordingly and adjust and offer promotions for periods of anticipated low volume.

Read on to discover a few ways you can encourage pre-commitment at your resorts.

Reward savvy guests for booking early with dynamic pricing.

Dynamic pricing is a solution to address price sensitivity and reward early booking. It allows resorts to increase yield and ensure money is not left on the table. Research shows that offering a single price point leads to lost revenue and offering multiple price points increases yield.  Dynamic pricing creates a sense of scarcity which encourages customers to buy now, not later.

Aspenware Commerce provides functionality that allows ski areas to dynamically price all mountain products in response to multiple considerations including:

  • Seasonality – charge more on high-demand days like Christmas week and other holidays.
  • Bookings windows – Offer pricing that rewards booking in advance rather than day-of purchasing.
  • Tiered pricing – Increase the price of products as more products are booked. With this method, you can encourage guests to book and be one of the first 100 or 500 to book their tickets for the season and they will get the cheapest rate. Those who wait will pay more.

Encourage pre-commitment by showing limiting inventory.  

Another way to drive pre-commitment is showing your guests product availability. Last season’s reduced capacity requirements had a positive impact on guest pre-commitment. No one likes to miss out.

Even though resort capacity will likely be greater this season, consider showing your limited capacity on lessons. With the Aspenware pricing calendar, resorts can show how many spots are available for a lesson to encourage pre-booking for those limited spots.

Make it easy to book now.

Nothing drives commitment like a very easy process. Guests want the convenience of booking their ski vacation while eating a sandwich between meetings or from their phone while watching a kid’s soccer game.  At Aspenware, we are all committed to making the booking experience more like a personal conversation. It’s our passion. Check out our Guest Booking Flow video for a quick overview of how we’ve created this experience.

From dynamic pricing to displaying limited inventory and easy bookings, Aspenware Commerce helps you build your business before the first snowflakes even fall. Contact us today at info@aspenware.com so we can show you the difference the Aspenware booking experience can make for your resort.

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