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Jun 17th, 2021

Resorts often offer discounted tickets to a variety of different people and groups. Many of these deals require a guest to visit a ticket window and redeem something or show something, to get a ticket. One of the key factors of limiting capacity will be driving guests to purchase tickets in advance or make an online reservation. The last thing ski areas need is guests showing up at the resort and being turned away because they are at capacity. Figuring out how these deals can be redeemed online ahead of time and assigning a capacity limit to the redemption of these offers needs to be considered.

Below we will dive into some of the common discounted ticket scenarios and how you can accommodate them and limit capacity.


Common discounted ticket types

  • Reciprocal resort discounts. Many resorts have relationships with other resorts that add value for their passholders. Some of these arrangements may have sophisticated passholder validation associated with them, however, many required a passholder to show their Pass and ID at a ticket window to purchase the discounted ticket.
  • Ticket sales through retailers – Many resorts sell their tickets through retailers such as REI or Costco. Typically, guests need to visit a ticket window to redeem these tickets. In some cases, the retailer actually provides the guest with a ticket that can be scanned at the lift. There could be a need to enforce that guests who have purchased tickets through retailers also make a reservation online.
  • Friends and family tickets – Many resorts include a certain number of discounted or free tickets with a season pass. Passholders can then give these tickets to their friends or family. Typically, the redemption of these tickets is at a ticket window. Once again, this may not be possible this year.
  • Group Tickets – Ski Areas often extend discounts to certain groups of people. For example, members of a ski club or a conference group. Usually, group members need to show credentials at the ticket window to receive their discount.


Options for online fulfillment

With Aspenware Commerce you have a few options to fulfill these offers online and enforce capacity restrictions.

  1. Hidden URL for discounted products.

You could create a special product in Aspenware Commerce that can only be found if you have the exact URL. This special URL would display discounted ticket pricing associated with an inventory pool to limit the number of tickets that could be redeemed. This could be a special “discounted” inventory pool, or your regular lift ticket inventory pool.

This would be ideal for groups you want to offer a discount to, school groups, guests who have purchased lodging in advance or reciprocal resort passholders. Resort A could set up a special hidden URL for Resort B’s passholders to redeem discounted tickets. Resort B would send this special link to their passholders who would then click on the link to purchase the discounted ticket.

Special messaging on the webpage would inform guests that they will need to snap a picture of their credentials, or Pass and ID.

If your resort wants to get fancy, Aspenware Commerce can also set up validation prompts on the products. When the guest adds the product to their cart, they could be asked to add additional information (such as a pass number or name). This information would then be validated against a list of valid names or pass numbers, eliminating the need to email proof.

Guests can add additional products to their cart, complete their transaction, and proceed directly to the kiosk or lift.


  1. Online Discount Code Redemption

Another way to offer discounts online is to set up a unique discount code for a group or guest type. The group organizer or reciprocal resort can email the discount code to their guests. Guests would add the eligible product to their cart. They would then enter the discount code to receive the discounted price. In this scenario, the discounted tickets would be sold from the regular inventory pool.  Resorts could choose to require proof to be emailed, validate against a pass number, or rely on the discount code to validate eligibility. You could set up unique discount codes that can only be used once to limit usage or allow unlimited uses.


  1. Enhanced Voucher Redemption.

Coming in late October, Aspenware Commerce will support online RTP|ONE voucher redemption. Resorts can issue guests, or groups of guests, RTP product, discount or product/discount vouchers. Guests will enter the voucher number into the voucher redemption section of Aspenware Commerce and the product set up on the voucher will be displayed to the guest. If there is also a discount associated with the voucher this will be applied to the cart. Guests can complete the transaction and proceed directly to the pickup kiosk or lift. The voucher redemption products can be inventoried to ensure you don’t exceed your maximum capacity. This is ideal for family and friend tickets as passholders will be able to email vouchers to friends & family from My Account Voucher History.

This new voucher redemption feature can also work well for ticket sales through retailers. A ski area can issue vouchers to the retailer that can be redeemed online for a lift ticket. The retailer would give the guest this voucher number when they purchase a ticket and the guest would redeem online.   Enhanced voucher redemption can also be used to fulfill Mountain Collective vouchers.


Aspenware Commerce has lots of options to fulfill complicated offers and deals. Please contact us at to discuss your needs.

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