Is Guest Checkout right for your Resort?
May 29th, 2020

Typically, in the ski world, we want to know who our guests are. We want our guests to have a single account in our POS system that contains all transaction and product history, complete profile information, and any linked media guests present at the lift. This ideal state results in smooth fulfillment and excellent data for our marketing departments.

Aspenware Commerce is focused on achieving this utopia.  We are continually improving our login, find me, and account creation steps to minimize duplicate accounts.

However…. When online conversions trump the guest data collection, resorts need to sell a product using the most efficient checkout experience.

This is why we have introduced Guest Checkout.

Guests can purchase in 3 easy steps

  1. Add products cart
  2. Enter name and email
  3. Enter payment info and complete


Our Guest Checkout flow

  • Is optional, resorts can decide to enable it at the store level.
  • Is available to customers using RTP|One
  • Avoids unnecessary data collection
  • Captures and creates a customer in RTP|One
  • Provides an option for preventing duplicate accounts by encouraging account creating/matching, but not enforcing it.
  • Decreases the steps in the transaction flow and increases conversion rate

Is Guest Checkout something your resort can benefit from? To find our more please email us at

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