Introducing Aspenware Order History
Aug 17th, 2021

Booking a ski vacation requires a long “to do” list including planning, scheduling, and purchasing. After people choose a date for their vacation, they begin with the big items – transportation and accommodations. Then comes the on-mountain items – lift tickets, equipment rentals, and ski or snowboard lessons. Typically, these resort items are booked at various times and confirmation emails get lost in the shuffle. It’s easy to lose track of what’s been booked and what remains.

What have I booked? 

One of the top reasons for guest calls to resort reservations lines is to inquire about what has been booked. Reservations staff must then look up the guest’s order history and walk the guest through the items purchased. This is a time-consuming task for both resort staff and guests. 

Problem solved with online Order History 

Aspenware recently added new functionality to alleviate this problem. It’s called Order History. It’s a relatively simple concept but hasn’t been available on ski ecommerce platforms until now. Aspenware Commerce guests can now view all the bookings they’ve made online.  

Guests simply log into their resort My Account page and click on Orders List. Their order history will show what products have been purchased for which date and for which family members, making it easy for guests to know what they can cross off their “to do” list and what remains to be done. While they are on the My Account page, they can also upload new photos, sign waivers, manage family member information, update their credit card profile for payment plans, and see any vouchers that are available for use. 

Order History dramatically reduces call center volume, freeing up staff to focus on other tasks and enabling guests to dream about their ski vacation.  

Contact Aspenware today at to find out how Order History can reduce your call center volume and alleviate guest stress. 

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