Introducing Aspenware Arrival – Online check-in for the Ski Industry
Jun 17th, 2021

Airline passengers have been programmed to check in 24-hours prior to their flights for years now. This captures information on the guest, saves time at the airport, and gives travellers piece of mind that their experience at the airport should be smooth.

Now you can provide this experience for your guest coming to ski and ride at your resort.

Aspenware Arrival is designed to –

  • Allow guests to provide fulfillment information prior to arrival
  • Decrease or eliminate onsite fulfillment lines
  • Create a safer, contactless check-in for your guests

Aspenware Arrival is a mobile-optimized platform integrated with RTP|ONE.

Arrival knows the products a guest has booked, and the information a guest must provide for each product.

If required, guests will be led through an easy step-by-step flow to upload photos, sign waivers, update child registration profiles, and complete rental profiles.

Guests can choose which family members to check-in, add more members to their group, and complete their check-in tasks. Guests can also select from a list of activities that the resort offers, and complete the tasks required for these activities prior to making a booking.

This information is all stored in their RTP profile, so when they make a booking they can go straight to the activity.

Axess Pickup Box and Skidata Skiosk Integration

Guests are presented with QR Codes for media pickup at either the Axess Pickup Box, or Skidata Skiosk, enabling a streamlined, contactless ticket or pass pickup at the resort. QR Codes can be added to Apple or Google Wallet for easy recall.


Onsite Aspenware Arrival


Arrival can be used on a personal device for easy guest check-in anywhere, and can also be set up at your resort on a tablet or terminal.

The Arrival Guest Check-In iPad app is integrated with the RTP|ONE POS for waiver, photo, and email/communication preferences capture.

The Arrival Onsite Kiosk mode supports registration at pass/ticket office, rental, ski school, and guest services. You can determine what information is required based on the location of the kiosk. For example, you can set up the kiosk to only require rental profile information, and to print a rental form at a Rental shop.

Aspenware Arrival Details

  • Aspenware Resort Tools, our existing onsite registration software, will be rebranded under the “Aspenware Arrival” umbrella.
  • Aspenware Arrival is a separate product to Aspenware Commerce. You do not have to use Aspenware Commerce to take advantage of the great Aspenware Arrival features.
  • Aspenware Arrival uses Aspenware Identity for authentication and SSO (Single Sign-On).
  • Guests can “check in” with Aspenware Arrival regardless of how they made a booking. If they have a profile in RTP with an email address, Arrival will be able to find who they are and what they need to do to “check in”.
  • The integration with RTP will also Auto-hotlist – add/remove hotlists as required waivers are completed.

For Aspenware Commerce customers

Aspenware Identity provides Single Sign-On across both apps.

Future roadmap items include

  • Intelligent links can be displayed in Commerce directing guests to Arrival when there are items to check in.
  • Upsell and purchase links can be added to Arrival and direct guests to buy products in Aspenware Commerce.
  • Future roadmap items allow guests to skip lengthy data capture steps in Commerce Check-out and to complete them later.


Release Timing

Aspenware Onsite Arrival is available for implementation now.

Online Arrival will be available in October 2020.

For more Information on Aspenware Arrival or Aspenware Commerce please email

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