Easy breezy mobile golf check-in with Aspenware Commerce
Jun 17th, 2021

What if checking in for a round of golf was as easy as checking in for a flight? With Aspenware’s new online check-in for golf resorts, booking, paying and checking in for a tee time is easier than ever, and is optimized for mobile to provide a truly contact-free guest experience.

Make your reservation

To start, make your reservation with Aspenware Commerce.

We integrate directly with RTP and EZLinks, so prices and inventory are always up-to-date (including dynamic pricing). Aspenware Commerce’s integration allows customers and members to authorize and book by logging in, or, if enabled by the resort, customers can also reserve a tee time as a guest. As is customary in the industry, customers pay $0 down to reserve a tee time.

Once booked, your reservation is automatically updated in EZLinks and a confirmation email is sent. Confirmation emails include reservation details such as the amount due at the course, the date and time of your reservation, and a call-to-action check-in button. Check-in buttons are unique urls embedded with customer details. Once selected, players are brought directly to the online check-in page where information including the course, last name, and confirmation number are prepopulated, rendering your check-in options immediately and making for a smooth transition from email to your personalized check-in page.

Check in all at once or individually

Often it’s easiest to make a reservation for a whole party in advance, but this can make settling up payment challenging. With online check-in, individuals can check in for any number of player slots they choose and/or share their confirmation details with other guests. They can do this by either forwarding their confirmation email (including the check-in button with embedded url) or simply by sharing their confirmation number, course, and the reserver’s last name. With this information any guest on the reservation can check in and pay for themselves. Because Aspenware Commerce integrates with EZLinks in real-time, you can easily see which players have checked in, whether any slots are in the process of being checked in, and which slots are not yet paid for.

Special accommodations for guests and members

Aspenware’s guest checkout allows anyone to reserve their tee times easily, without having to log in.

Because members do not pay but still have to check in, Aspenware Commerce makes it easy for resorts to decide whether or not to allow online check-in for zero-dollar reservations by simply adjusting a setting in admin panel.

For more information on our selling golf with Aspenware Commerce please email info@aspenware.com.

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