COVID-19 – a look back. Necessity is the Mother of Invention.
Mar 16th, 2021

Has it really been a year since COVID-19 flipped our world upside down? The first Safer at Home orders seem like just yesterday. Yet so much has happened that it also feels like a lifetime ago, especially when we look back at all we have accomplished since the COVID-19 shutdowns that created an impactful and significant change in our lives.

COVID-19 restrictions created a positive turning point for Aspenware as our team quickly shifted gears and started identifying what we could do to support our customers during this unprecedented time.

The result was an amazing year of innovation and adaptability at Aspenware and for the ski industry. In Spring 2020, our team developed functionality to effectively enable 20/21 pass sales in times of economic uncertainty. After successes there, we quickly pivoted to the functionality required for resorts to open and operate in a world of COVID–19 restrictions and extraordinary skier demand.

For every innovative idea that we evaluated, we asked, “will this have a lasting and positive impact for resorts long after restrictions are over?” If the answer was “yes,” we took the idea forward. If it was “no,” we scrapped it.

The impactful solutions we released enabled our existing and new customers to adapt, improve the guest experience, and change the way resorts operated this season and into the future.

In the last year, we have provided a number of impactful solutions for our resorts. Here are the top 6:

Contactless Check-In and elimination of fulfillment lines at the resort. We created a new product – Aspenware Arrival – Online Check-In for the Ski Industry. Arrival captures the required information from guests before they arrive and eliminates fulfillment lines.

Limiting capacity on the mountain. We have developed a new Reservation Module and deeper integration with POS inventory management. This ensures that resorts can manage their capacity all in one place, no matter the channel it is sold through.

Flexible payment options to encourage pre-commitment in times of uncertainty. Aspenware Payment Plans and Subscriptions offer new capabilities that dramatically reduce failed payments and allow guests to self-manage their payment plans and subscriptions.

Skip the ticket window all together. Aspenware Voucher Redemption allows redemption of all vouchers and coupons online. From buddy and friends & family tickets to comps, trades, and more, nearly all voucher types are supported. Resort guests are now able to email vouchers to friends or redeem for themselves.

Ikon Friends & Family and Mountain Collective Redemptions. Ikon Pass Friends & Family and Mountain Collective passes can now be redeemed online. Access can be reloaded to existing media or picked up at a contactless ticket kiosk.

Contactless Golf Check-In. Traditionally, golf is reserved online, and players check in and pay at the Pro Shop just before their round. In response to COVID, Aspenware built online golf check-in and prepay, allowing golfers to check in online and head straight to the first tee.

While we are all eager to move past COVID-19, this past year’s efforts resulted in a few incredible milestones that we are proud of:


⬆️ 19% – Aspenware Commerce customers saw a collective 19% increase in conversion rates. Aspenware’s collective conversion rate is over 288% higher than the average for the travel industry.

⬆️ 55% – Aspenware Commerce customers saw a 55% increase in online revenue vs the prior period. Increases in both transaction volume and average order value contributed to this growth.

⬆️ 29% – Resorts saw an average 29% increase in shopper volume vs the prior period.


This is just the beginning, stay tuned for updates on what we have planned for 2021.

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