Aspenware Payment Plans Increase Precommitment and Overall Order Value
May 3rd, 2022

Want a great option for encouraging precommitment and boosting overall cart value? Take advantage of Aspenware Payment Plans. As part of Aspenware Commerce, Payment Plans can be configured for a variety of products that will enable guests to commit to being on your mountain next season early and spread their payment of passes over several months.

Payment Plan Products

Aspenware Payment plans can be offered on many different products however the most common use is for the big-ticket items like season passes.

Aspenware Payment Plans allow guests to spread out the purchase of their passes over time. Guests can lock in the best price by committing early and resorts are able to lock in the pass sale well in advance of the snow flying.

Aspenware Payment plans are unique. They can be offered not only on a pass product but on add-on products a guest may purchase with their passes, such as season-long rentals or a nordic pass upgrade.

Aspenware payment plans can also be offered on family passes. Buying passes for the whole family can be pricey and many resorts have created family pass offerings to ease the burden. Aspenware makes buying a pass for an entire family as easy as 1 click. Pass assignments and required waivers for each family member can be completed at checkout. When you combine this easy purchase flow and a payment plan, committing to a season of skiing and riding becomes more appealing.

How Payment Plans Work

When a payment plan product is added to the cart a schedule outlining its payment dates and amounts will appear at various points in the purchase process.

If multiple payment plan products are added to a single cart, the “Multi-Product Schedule” modal shows on the payment, confirm, and success pages of checkout. It shows all payment plan schedules in the cart.

When a guest successfully completes a payment plan order, the Payment Plan Enrollment and Payment Plan Scheduled Payments are immediately created and are visible in My Account for the guest. Within My Account, guests can view their payment plan schedule and manage their credit cards. Resort Administrators can also manage payment plan enrollments within Aspenware Commerce.

Within My Account, guests can view their payment schedule(s) along with the status of each payment plan. The status automatically updates as they change. Guests are also able to update their payment method in My Account. They can select the enrollments they’d like with the checkbox and enter a new credit card. Upon a successful payment plan charge, a confirmation email will also be sent to the purchasing customer letting them know that a payment has been made.

Payment Plan Management by Resorts

In the event that a guest fails to make a payment, the resort can configure the payment plan to “hotlist” the pass ID, therefore preventing the guest from accessing the mountain. Once payment is received, the hotlisting is removed from the pass ID.

In addition, if a payment fails (due to an expired credit card, etc.) the guest is emailed automatically and directed to update their credit card in the My Account section of the Aspenware Commerce store. Once updated, the charge will be processed automatically. This saves resort staff lots of time following up with guests on failed charges.

Resort staff can also view and manage the payment plan in Aspenware Commerce. Resort staff can quickly search enrollments and research details. They can also re-initiate payment plan payments or cancel payment plan payments.

The payment plan products are integrated seamlessly with the point of sale system, making reporting a breeze. Customer reports can also be set up in Aspenware to view enrollee details in an Excel format.

A Win for Resorts and a Win for Guests

Aspenware Payment Plans are a win for the resorts that offer them and a win for the guests that use them. Resorts get the benefit of early precommitment by guests for the coming season, increased overall cart order value, and a boost in conversion rates. Guests have the benefit of securing their season or family passes early and spreading the investment out over time, reducing the financial hit at one time. By giving the customer options for payment, they are more likely to commit.

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