Aspenware Arrival Case Study- Complying with COVID Mandates
Nov 25th, 2020

Very few could have predicted the current state of the world at the start of the 2019/2020 snow season.  Virtually all industries, including the ski industry, have been turned on their heads.  We are facing new challenges and solving problems most of us haven’t even considered, all in an attempt to adapt to the ever changing new “normal.”


Aspenware has been working closely with resort partners to develop a brand-new product, Arrival.  Arrival was inspired by the proven mobile check-in concept adopted by the airline industry.  Not only does this process allow guests to skip check-in lines, it also provides the more-than-ever relevant contactless experience.  Arrival was released this week and has already proven itself useful in dealing with mandates put on resorts in order to spin their lifts.


Sugarbush was the first resort to launch the new Arrival platform.  In a recent Executive Order, the state of Vermont has required all resort guests to sign a document attesting they comply with the states’ COVID guidelines.  Sugarbush had to quickly put together a plan to meet these new requirements, and Arrival was the answer.


Arrival is designed to allow guests to complete outstanding tasks based on order/transaction information from the POS system. One of these tasks is waiver signing.  When paired with Aspenware’s Auto-Hotlisting functionality, resorts have a powerful tool they can use to ensure that all guests are completing required documentation.  This is a perfect match to solve Sugarbush’s unique (or possibly not-so-unique) situation.


However, there was still another roadblock that needed to be resolved before Sugarbush could implement this solution.  The Vermont Executive Order had gone into effect after season passholders had purchased their season passes. In order for Arrival to prompt the correct guests and their respective family members to complete the waiver, Sugarbush decided to sell $0 products that required this waiver to each of their passholders.  Sugarbush worked closely with Aspenware to identify customers and script in the sale of these “dummy” products.


With the preparation complete, Sugarbush officially turned on their new system.  Within the first few hours of their release, they were able to collect more than 400 signed waivers from passholders.  Passholders who do not complete their waivers will have their media hotlisted until their waiver is signed.  With Arrival’s integration, completed waivers will save in real-time in the POS system.  Once completed, the Auto-Hotlist functionality will remove the bock from the customer’s media and allow them to scan at the gates.


Sugarbush proved the concept of Arrival and its benefits, especially this season.  To learn more about Aspenware Arrival and how it may benefit your resort, please reach out to your Aspenware representative, or to schedule a demo.

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