Aspenware welcomes Trish Morrissey to the team.
Mar 22nd, 2021

Aspenware is pleased to announce the addition of ski industry technology expert Trish Morrissey, as Senior Business Analyst, to our growing and talented team.  In addition to bringing years of deep ski industry experience, she brings an inspiring passion and joy to her work that creates lasting relationships with the customers she serves.

Trish at Lake Louise

“I am so excited to be a part of the team at Aspenware – this is a company that I have admired since the very first time I met with them. They are innovators within our industry, and partners with their customers. Aspenware develops solutions that are timely and elegant. I look forward to helping determine the robust mix of products and features that we will deliver to our customers in the coming seasons,” Morrissey said.

⛰️ Favourite Mountain Activity: Hiking, with family and dogs. Exploring the gorgeous scenery of the White Mountains of New Hampshire

⛷️ First foray in ski: Arranging bus trips and ski clubs for all the aspiring young skiers in her community.

💖 Her Passion: After working at Mohawk Mountain, she saw the impact of delivering the best guest experience possible, and gained a fascination with utilizing the combination of technology and teamwork to deliver that experience.  Her passion is fulfillment – delivering the products a guest has purchased, with a minimum of fuss, and a maximum of efficiency.

📊 Experience we are thrilled to have on the team:  After relocating from Connecticut to the greater Boston area, Trish joined the team at Wintersteiger, supporting their Easyrent rental software. With the Easyrent Team, Trish visited various ski rental shops and retail operations throughout the USA and Canada, analyzing processes, and offering guidance on how to develop fulfillment strategies that reflect the unique challenges of each location. At Axess, Trish worked closely with resorts as they implemented Axess software modules, ecommerce solutions and access control hardware. Covid-19 made the “fulfillment” conversation critically relevant, as resorts adapted to the limitations imposed by the pandemic while maintaining her commitment to the customer who experienced a greater reliance on ecommerce and technology than ever before.

🏠 Home base: Pepperell, MA

😊Fun Fact: Trish is a volunteer for Lasagna Love, a pandemic-inspired volunteer organization, providing hot meals to members of her community. If you love to cook, we have a spot for you! Learn more at


Trish can be reached at



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