Selling Group and Private Lessons online with Aspenware Commerce
Jul 16th, 2020

Aspenware Commerce offers unique and customizable options when selling group and private lessons online. 

With limited capacity restrictions to accommodate, selling snow sports lessons online will be essential this year. Selling lessons online allows resorts to effectively schedule their instructors, manage lesson volume, & gather required information for guests ahead of time.

Snow Schools will rely on their online booking platforms more than ever to manage the volume and demand. In addition to booking as many lessons as possible online, many snow school leaders are considering the below product strategies for the next winter

  • Shifting to mainly private lessons (especially family privates).
  • Decreasing the length of lessons to limit group indoor lunch and bathroom breaks.
  • Staggering start times to limit busy lesson meeting times.
  • Offering a variety of meeting locations to prevent everyone from meeting at the same time and the same location.
  • Only offering kids lessons for beginners who are not riding chair lifts.
  • Offering Dynamic Pricing. The higher demand time slots will be priced higher.
  • Capturing required guest information for all participants prior to arrival so a visit to an office or desk is not needed.

Aspenware commerce is uniquely positioned to effectively sell lessons in a remarkably simple online experience and ensure smooth fulfillment of the lessons once in resort.

Here are some Aspenware features that can help you sell lessons online this winter.

Data capture on all participants in a private lesson

Private lessons, especially family private lessons, will be resorts bread a butter this season as they allow for lessons without mixing with other guests outside your bubble.

Private lessons are typically sold to one guest, however, allow multiple guests to attend the lesson. Resorts typically struggle to understand who will be attending the private lesson and gather required information such as child registration and waivers from each of the guests.

Aspenware has functionality that asks the guest how many people will be attending the private lesson and adds all the participants into the booking. As you can see below you can include added participants in the 1 price or change an addon fee.


When participants are added, the required waivers and child registration information are completed in the checkout steps.

This ensures that guests can complete the required info before arriving and do not need to check-in at a desk or window. Guests can go directly to meet their instructor, and snow school management will have a clear picture of who will be attending the lesson.

Staggered start times and meeting location

Aspenware commerce supports one product display page, and the ability to select from different start times and meeting locations as you can see below:

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is also supported. You can set up a product with multiple start times. For popular start times, you can charge extra, which can help in spreading your lessons throughout the day.


These are just a few of the unique features Aspenware commerce offers when selling lessons. To learn more and discuss your unique scenarios with us, please email

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