Limiting Capacity Article 2 of 4 – Day Tickets
Jul 30th, 2020

Balancing the capacity of your different product types.

Many resorts consider their passholders to be their most important guests. They are your loyal return visitors who are committed to skiing your resort, however, the yield is typically much higher on your single and multi-day tickets. In the world of having to limit capacity at your resort, driving the effective ticket price (ETP) higher will be very important. It may be necessary to allocate your total on hill capacity to different product types.

For example, 40% of your daily capacity could be reserved for passholder reservations, 45% for single and multi-day advanced ticket sales, 10% for miscellaneous groups such as comps, trades, buddy ticket redemption, and heavily discounted tickets, and 5% ticket sales at the window/contingency. To truly maximize ETP you will likely need to monitor these allocations, and adjust them based on days of the week, holiday periods, and visitation patterns over the season. Your allocations during Christmas might be very different from the allocations at the beginning or end of the season when it is mainly your loyal pass holders who are skiing.

You may also want to consider holding some inventory for guests that want to purchase a private lesson. You don’t what your instructors unable to teach because there are no lift tickets available for the day. Having a special lift ticket allocation for guests who are booking a lesson will ensure you are maximizing your revenue per visit, each day.


Aspenware Commerce new dynamic pricing calendar with inventory pool integration.

With Aspenware Commerce all of this is possible. Your inventory can be managed across product types and even sales channels. If you have products that need to be booked over the phone, online, or at a window in the resort, this can all be part of the same inventory.

Aspenware Commerce has added a new twist on our dynamic pricing calendar. Typically, a dynamic pricing calendar for lift ticket sales shows the price a ticket is for each day, and how many tickets at that price are available for that day.

Aspenware Commerce has now added the option of showing this calendar with the number of tickets, in total, available for each day.

You can still yield your pricing, and charge different amounts based on the day of the week, number of days out, season dates, and quantity available at a price. But guests will also be able to see the total number of tickets available.

In this example, the resort is charging the same price for a day ticket regardless of the day or quantity available, however, you can still choose to change your prices based on demand.


Keeping your online Inventory in synch with your Point of Sale.

When the guest has made the purchase online, the sale will be reflected in your POS, and the inventory in your POS system will reflect the sale. Your agents on the phone, and at the ticket windows can be selling from the same inventory pool to ensure there is no overselling. Aspenware is currently optimizing the speed and efficiency of our inventoried products to ensure guests have fast online transactions, and ensure that the inventory master in the POS is accurate.

Limiting capacity this winter is something that is keeping all of us in the ski Industry scratching our heads and planning for the ifs and buts. At Aspenware we are working hard to provide you with solutions to ensure a successful winter 20/21. Email us at to discuss your challenges. We are here to help.

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