Flexible Payment options to encourage Pre-commitment
Jun 4th, 2020

In these uncertain times, it is understandable that even your most loyal guests might be unwilling to spend money on Season Passes and other Mountain Products.  

Aspenware has been working on enhancing our Ecommerce platform to support multiple payment options so that you can offer flexibility to your guests.  

Aspenware Ecommerce supports the use of RTP Payment Plans, Siriusware Payment Plans and we provide both an Aspenware Payment Play and Subscription Plugin.  

With these options, you can offer payment flexibility such as: 

  • Allow guests to pay $50 down and pay the rest later for their season pass.   
  • Offer a single lump sum payment plan payment or defer them over many months. Guests can pay for passes in monthly installments.  
  • Offer subscription-based products, allowing guests to pay month-to-month, possibly requiring a minimum number of months before they can cancel.   

In our June 2020 Release we will be further enhancing payment plans to support: 

  • Add-ons. If your resort wants to offer add-ons to passes such as parking or lockers, these add-ons can now be included in the payment plan.  
  • Guests management of Payment Plan Credit Cards. If guests credit cards expire or need to be replaced, the guest can update their card in “My Account” 
  • Payment Plan Communication. Guests will see payment plan schedules clearly displayed on the product details page, in check out and on their confirmations.  

  • Payeezy has be added as a payment plan and subscription provider 
  • A new subscription administration tool has been created for easy subscription management.  

To learn more please email us at info@aspenware.com 

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