Aspenware’s COVID-19 Solutions
Nov 17th, 2020

COVID-19 related restrictions and guidelines continue to evolve. Resorts are facing unprecedented circumstances right now due to COVID, including the prospects of closures or tight restrictions enforced by local and state governments. Some states have released extremely strict guidelines and some states have postponed ski area openings.

Aspenware is focused on providing solutions that support these restrictions. Our goal is to ensure that resorts can continue to effectively operate this winter.

Aspenware has a  suite of solutions all FULLY integrated to RTP|ONE.

Our solutions are extremely customizable, contact us today to discuss the below solutions and the unique requirements your resort has.



  • Passholder Reservations

Direct to lift, rolling or fixed days, guests can view and cancel reserved days online

Parking and dining reservations

  • Online Health Checks

Daily COVID health checks for guests or instructors

Seasonal attestations to meet various state specific COVID requirements (e.g., Vermont)

  • Advanced Inventory Pool support

Real time integration to RTP Inventory Pools

Calendar view showing inventory left per day

Cart locking to protect the purchase and prevent overselling

  • Tools to eliminate fulfillment lines in base areas

Axess PUB and Skidata Skiosk integrations

Redeem all RTP vouchers and buddy tickets online

Collect waivers, photos, child reg, and rental profiles prior to arrival

Redeem military and student tickets online with SheerID validation






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