Aspenware Welcomes Sergii Doroshchuk
Jun 30th, 2022

Sergii Doroshchuk recently joinged Aspenware’s Innovation Team as a Senior Back-end Software Developer. Sergii brings 13 years of software development experience across several industries. As a .Net/C# developer, he brings his AWS, Docker, GraphQL, and Blazor experience and is excited to contribute his expertise in micro-services architecture to the Aspenware Development Team.

“I’m thrilled to work with passionate professionals that love the outdoors to elevate the merging of mountain experience with innovative solutions and technologies.”

⛷️ First foray in ski:

While living in the Midwest and working his way into snowboarding, Sergii and his wife decided to take a ski trip to Colorado. That’s how Sergii, a newbie, ended up at A-Basin. “That mountain will live in my memory forever,” he said, “There’s nothing like going down from 13,000 feet when you’ve just figured out how to get off the lift!”

💖 Favorite outdoor activities:

Hands down, Sergii’s #1 favorite summer activity is mountain biking and he’ll do it whenever he can! For winter, you’ll find him snowboarding. The rest of the time, he enjoys motorcycle riding, hiking, camping, and knocking out 14ers.

🏠 Home base:

Sergii was born in Rivne, Ukraine, and moved to the US in 2011, settling in Chicago. A desire to be closer to the mountains brought him to Denver 4 years ago where he currently lives. Sergii will be based out of our Denver, CO office.

😊Fun Fact:

Shortly after Sergii moved to Colorado, he decided to pursue a long-time dream of mountain biking in Moab. Unfortunately, he made the rookie mistake of going in August. It was 110 degrees with no shade! He says that it was a great adventure, but that next time he’ll check the weather forecast first.

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