The first snowflakes have fallen! See what’s new in Aspenware Commerce as you head into winter.
Sep 23rd, 2021

Summer has flown by, and it is time to get ready for winter. Some resorts have already seen the first snowfall on their peaks! During those sunny, summer days, the team at Aspenware had winter on its mind and created new solutions that will address challenges that resorts face and bring new revenue opportunities to the forefront.  Is your resort prepared to make the most of this upcoming winter season?

See how three of our new features can enhance your guest experience and bring more revenue to your resort this winter.

Selective Guest Checkout: Reduce cart abandonment, accelerate checkout speed, and increase sales. 

While the login process is super easy with Aspenware Commerce, especially when coupled with our new Aspenware Identity product, having a “Guest Checkout” option in ecommerce can improve conversion rates. Most ski products, like a pass or rental equipment, require guests to log in to purchase, however, when selling a retail item or a simple sightseeing or activity ticket online, perhaps login is not necessary. Instead, offer a “Guest Checkout” option to accelerate the checkout process with Selective Guest Checkout.

For simple products configured with Selective Guest Checkout, guests may quickly purchase items in their cart without the added step of logging into their account. The option to configure your store to encourage the guest to log in after guest check out has been selected is available as well.

Fast Flow: Make it so easy to add another day.  

Another way to make the purchase of a product quick and simple is with our new Fast Flow feature.

Fast Flow breaks purchasing down into 3 quick steps:

  1. Direct your guests to a QR code to purchase a Fast Flow product, perhaps a ticket for tomorrow. Maybe post a QR code on a sign in the parking lot that guests can scan with their phone.
  2. When the URL opens, the guest selects the product they want to purchase, and enters their pass number.
  3. Checkout and pay.

There is no need to log in, because their pass number tells us who they are, and their product is immediately loaded on their existing pass.  It’s that easy!

Fast Flow is perfect for reload days, private lesson upgrades, or adding additional days which boost revenue.

Cross Sell: Market products that may not get attention to increase order value and resort revenue.

When visiting a mountain resort, guests know they need a lift ticket and maybe a rental or a lesson. But they may not know that you offer a fresh tracks breakfast, escape rooms, and snow biking! Cross Sell is the perfect feature for introducing your guests to these ancillary products that may help create a truly memorable experience. Cross Sell allows resorts to call attention to these products through a lightbox that displays when a particular trigger product is added to the cart and resort revenue increases through this new incremental revenue stream.

Your resort decides on the trigger products and the cross sell products. You determine the behavior of the lightbox display, and you can also feature the cross sell products under the cart slide out.

These are just 3 of the new solutions Aspenware Commerce has created to help you prepare for a big winter season. Contact us today at for more information.

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