Maximize Order Value and Drive Incremental Revenue with Aspenware
Aug 24th, 2021

The stage has been set. 

Resorts are now able to sell all mountain products online (e.g., lift, lesson, and rental). Guests are increasingly committing earlier by booking online to both lock in their date before it sells out and to get cheaper early-bird pricing available – made possible by dynamic pricing and deep integrations into availability data.  

Guest Service team members encourage beginner guests to make the most out of their trip by reserving a first-time lesson while still available and make guests aware of the other amazing and relevant products and activities available to them. Resorts understand what their guests want and how to respectfully market to them. 

So, how do we merge these proven marketing practices with a robust ecommerce platform? 

When guests add a few extra products to their cart, this drives incremental revenue for the resort and ensures that guests are taking advantage of all the available options for the best possible experience. Aspenware, the leading innovator in ski industry ecommerce, has proven, innovative solutions for automating best-in-breed marketing practices within our industry-leading ecommerce platform to increase order value and drive incremental revenue. 

Ways Aspenware Increases Order Value  

At Aspenware, we embrace innovation by adding new functionality to provide our resort customers with more options and flexibility for how they package, promote, and merchandise products to drive incremental revenue and greater shopping cart values. Resorts are getting creative with these new features, melding them with tried-and-true options in ways that boost revenue. Aspenware offers 3 great features that will increase order value. 

 1. Simple Add-Ons 

Aspenware Commerce has always had the concept of add-ons. Add-ons can be used to cross-sell or upsell,  by displaying an option for guests to “Upgrade Your Experience” on a product page For an equipment rental, an add-on might be used to upsell to a demo or high-performance package that is at a higher price point than a standard rental packageAdd-ons can also be used to cross-sell and highlight complementary productslike offer damage insurance and helmet rentals when booking rental equipmentThe image below shows cross-sell add-ons offered at one of our resorts when a guest adds an alpine season pass to their cart

Our experience informs us that resorts that sell both rentals as an add-on to tickets and as a standalone product sell between 60-80% more add-on rentals than they do standalone rentals, even when offered at the same price. This supports the position that guests prefer the ease of bundling. Add-ons can also be sold at a discounted price when bundled as compared to their standalone counterpart, which can be effective at driving larger cart values.  

Add-ons are also used by many of our resorts for charitable donations or optional carbon offset credits as seen above. Read more about this here  

2. Related Products

Earlier this summer, Aspenware introduced the  Related Products feature. Related Products are a selection of products that are either complementary to or an alternative to the product being viewed. These display at the bottom of the product detail page.  

The example on the left shows season-long rentals are offered as a related product to a season pass, a logical product that a guest might want to purchase in addition to their season pass.  

Resorts are also using Related Products to showcase an alternative product to the one they have selected. For example, when viewing a group lesson, a private lesson is a great alternative that could be featured as a related product. Every additional, related product that is added to the cart increases the order total.



3. Cross Sell

Cross Sell allows resorts to dramatically call attention to specific products to drive sales, while simultaneously assisting customers in completing their purchases. 

For example, when the lift ticket product is added to a cart, a lightbox features a tubing ticket. The guest can click on the lightbox window to learn more about this product and add it to their cart.  

Cross Sell can be used to drive interest in products that may be overlooked or are difficult to categorize. Parking is an ideal product for Cross Sell, as it would have universal appeal, and only needs to be added to the cart once. Other suggested uses for Cross Sell would be recurring special events or activities. For example, after adding a multiday lift ticket to the shopping cart, a guest could be prompted to book a horse-drawn sleigh ride or a spa service. These are items that may not be top of mind, but would be of interest to a guest spending a few days at the resort and provides the resort additional incremental revenue. 

Find Out How Aspenware Can Boost Your Incremental Revenue 

At Aspenware, we drive incremental revenue for our resorts. Our newly released Related Products and Cross Sell features, coupled with our tried-and-true Add-On functionality consistently drive revenue for our resorts by increasing order value and incremental revenue.  

Read more about these features in this article and contact us today at to learn how we can help your resort.  

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