How Homewood Used Aspenware Commerce Voucher Redemption to Offer Flexible Pricing to Guests
Jan 27th, 2022

Located on the shores of Lake Tahoe, in Homewood, CA, Homewood Mountain Resort offers guests an extraordinary on-mountain experience with exceptional lake views. Homewood offers a range of products to their guests that are designed to encourage precommitment and offer flexibility.

Lesson 3-Packs

The Lesson 3-Pack product offers a discount when guests commit to purchasing and flexibility to pick the days in the season they want to book their lessons. Historically, guests would purchase the initial 3-pack product online and then call the resort or visit a ticket window or lesson desk to book the lesson date. Homewood’s goal was to significantly improve the guest experience for the redemption and fulfillment process of these products.

The 3-Pack Solution

To achieve their goal, Homewood decided to leverage Aspenware Commerce’s robust Voucher Redemption Module for the winter 2021-2022 season. This enabled Homewood to continue offering flexible pricing and unique product offerings to their guests while also creating a seamless fulfillment process.

Now, when a guest purchases the 3-Pack lesson product, they are issued 3 voucher IDs via email and within their online My Account page. When ready to redeem, a guest simply enters the voucher ID into the traveling voucher redemption banner on the desktop or mobile site which takes them to a fenced product where they select the date(s) for use. No calls to the service desk. No visits to the ticket window.

3rd Party Lift Tickets

Additionally, like many resorts in North America, Homewood has agreements with 3rd party partners to sell lift tickets at other locales. This has been a fantastic way to access new groups of skiers, however, product fulfillment and the capturing of valuable guest data have been a challenge for resorts. Homewood is using the Aspenware Voucher Module to resolve these challenges. This solution provides ease of use for guests and allows for the capture of valuable guest data for Homewood.

3rd Party Ticket Solution

Once a lift ticket is purchased from a partner, a voucher ID is issued that directs the guest to a special fenced redemption product. Once there, the guest completes the order and is then ready to load up their skis and hit the slopes! Guests may pick up their media at an on-site PUB, so there is no need to visit a ticket window.

Through the voucher redemption flow, guests who purchase through a 3rd party partner create an online profile. Having the guest create a profile online with required information enables resorts to know who they are, how they can best market new products to them, and, generally, allows the resort to better understand this group of guests.

“With Aspenware’s voucher redemption module, guests can quickly and efficiently make their 3-pack lesson reservations online and redeem their lift tickets purchased through 3rd party partners. The process also alleviates the need for guests to rely on Guest Services for product bookings and in-person voucher redemption, allowing customers to pick their tickets up at self-serve kiosks.” – Lisa Nigon, Marketing Director, Homewood Mountain Resort

The Voucher Redemption module within Aspenware Commerce makes it easy for resorts to offer guests flexibility and discount to encourage repeat visits and entire new guests to visit the mountain. Resorts can offer online redemption of complicated products and promotions and guests don’t have to call in or visit a ticket office. To learn more about Aspenware Commerce’s unique Voucher Redemption Module, check out our Online Voucher Redemption video or contact us at

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