Add Sizzle to Your Summer Product Sales with Aspenware Commerce
Apr 5th, 2022

In many places in North America, the sun is peeking out, temperatures are starting to warm, and the snow is starting to get a bit slushy. Spring is here. How do you encourage those spring skiers on your mountain to return this summer? At Aspenware, we have just the features you need.

Imagine you are enjoying a spring break ski trip with your family, having a wonderful time on your favorite mountain. You think to yourself, “This place is so special, and I’d really like to book a trip for our family to return here this summer.” You log on to the mountain resort website and quickly see the array of biking experiences for your family.

You select the mountain bike lift tickets, knowing your son will be so excited to fly down the mountain on a mountain bike.

Next, you need to book bike rentals, so you navigate to the bike rentals product. The options are so well laid out that you’re able to quickly select just the right bike for each member of the family. These are quickly added to the cart as well.

As you add the lift tickets to the cart, you notice related products shown below. “I didn’t know they had a ropes course,” you think, knowing your daughter would love to try it. You click and add that experience to your itinerary.


You wonder what else is happening on the mountain this summer. As you navigate to the resort’s summer events page, you see all the fantastic events happening on the mountain this summer and notice a wine tasting and jazz festival. You immediately think of your neighbors who love jazz. You click on the product card and purchase tickets to the festival, excited to book a couple’s weekend to enjoy wine tasting and jazz music at the mountain. You’ve now got TWO summer weekend trips planned at your favorite mountain!

Summer bookings made.

The guest completes the order, marks their calendar, and looks forward to the wonderful summer memories they’ll make at your mountain resort. Two trips were booked in a matter of minutes and without any calls to the resort call center. You’ve earned a loyal, repeat customer, increased order value, and boosted your conversion rates. This incredible guest experience is made possible by Aspenware. With features like Cross Sell and Related Products as well as flexible product, attribute, and category configuration, you can create this incredible guest experience for your resort guests. Does your ecommerce platform do that?

Contact Aspenware today at to learn more about how you can boost your summer product sales.

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